What Is The Laura Maguire Foundation?

Crowd of Children

The Laura Maguire Foundation

The Laura Maguire Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation established by Larry Maguire & Associated members in May 2013 in memory of his elder sister Laura who left this place in March 1979 aged 7 years, and in and honor of his parents’ great efforts towards their children in the aftermath of Laura’s departure.

Larry was inspired by the short life of his sister to create an organisation with the sole purpose of assisting children and teenagers realise their limitless potential for growth and expansion. To aid them in raising their consciousness to higher levels allowing access to greater knowledge and understanding. To help bring to their awareness, their inherent ability to realise dreams and goals beyond the reach of social conditioning.

Self awareness, reunion of mind, body and spirit, physical & emotional health, a greater understanding of human potential and a holistic approach to healing and maintaining of wellbeing in children are at the core of Foundation’s aims.


Health & Wellbeing are inherently ours in every moment, if we possess the knowledge and understand the means to activate it within us.

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