taking a break from marathon training

Training Sun 15 Feb :: Taking A Break From Marathon Training

Taking A Break From Marathon Training

It feels great to be back running after being out of action.

I took a recent break from training, albeit unscheduled. So I took advantage and just chilled out.

For over two weeks I did diddly squat. Zero. And I was ok with that, but the mind can play games with you while you’re out of action.

All sorts of nonsense passes through your mind. It does for me anyway. Doubt, worry, concern that you’re not doing enough and that fitness will disappear.

The thoughts of having to rebuild fitness levels after an injury or illness, can really mess with your focus.

Too often, in fact pretty much all the time and for most of us, we are swayed by automatic thoughts of doubt, worry and fear of negative circumstances.

Focused Thought

So the trick is to focus the mind. Using conscious thought to decide how things are going to go.

The challenge is to consciously focus our minds on the positive aspects, to soothe away the negative thought patterns by applying deliberate positive thoughts.

Runners of all distances and abilities get injured or ill from time to time and the challenge is to stay off the road until our bodies are ready and able.

So I took my time. I didn’t get too worked up about being out, I just went with it.

I’ve run a few marathons and a few ultras here and there and what I’ve come to know about my body, is that I can go from a moderate level of fitness to high level of fitness in about 4 weeks.

There’s nothing like pushing and 80 or 100kg sled as fast as possible over a given distance to sort you out!

So I don’t sweat it too much, there’s plenty of time yet until the 100 starts.

Are you registered to run yet? Register for a full marathon, half marathon or 10k here


Training Plan

Today was the first day I got out in over 2 weeks and all was good. I felt strong over 9 miles at a good clip and had lots in the tank.

I was gonna just fire something up on Facebook but I thought it’s about time I got the blog going again after a lengthy time away.

So each Sunday I’m going to post the weeks upcoming training plan and other info relevant to the 100 Marathon events.

Here’s how next week looks











9 Mile

10 x 300’s

5 Mile

10 x 800’s

5 Mile

10 Mile


20+ Mile


20 mins Strength

60 mins Strength

Bodyweight & Flexibility

60 mins Strength

Bodyweight & Flexibility

20 mins Strength

Bodyweight & Flexibility


Background Organisation Update

Public Relations

Relaying the core message of The Laura Maguire Foundation correctly is of vital importance, and I’m glad to report we’ve recently secured the support of Alan Duncan, Select PR to assist us in this area.

Alan operates his PR business both in Ireland and UK and is perfectly positioned to assist us communicate correctly.


Commercial sponsors are key to the success of the 100 marathons and discussions continue with interested parties to support our efforts. I’ll have more on this as arrangements develop.


Our plan with events is to make all 15 weekend events official, so to make that happen we are seeking the help and experience of people who run marathon events throughout the year.

We are delighted and grateful that so far we have confirmed the assistance of the following;

Marathon Club Ireland (Valerie Fogarty)

Longford Royal Canal Run (Brendan Doyle)

Balbriggan Road Runners (Colleen McKenzie)

Extreme North Events (Harold McGuinness)

The Hole In The Wall Pub Phoenix Park (Martin McCaffrey)

And dozens of individuals who have signed up to run and assist any way they can.

If you can volunteer or sponsor our efforts in any way please drop us a line here and let us know.


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