Don't Miss Leg Day

Marathon Training With Crossfit Fri 24th January

Today’s workout

Return to the squat for the final time this week and we were on 80% 1RM which for me meant 110kg x 32 Reps. Tough oul’ going I tells ya. I progressed well through the reps but was guilty of slightly rushing the final couple of reps when it would have served me better to pause and gather myself. I failed the final squat of the final set as a result.

More Wallballs in the conditioning element so legs well and truly got a hammering today and this week. Long run Sunday so lets see how that goes.

Here’s the workout…

Gymnastics Warm Up
Handstand Push Ups
Toes to Bar

High Bar Back Squat: 4X8@80%, quick up and down with no pause every set, rest 90 sec.


Snatches 60Kg/40Kg
1 Muscle Up
12 Wall Balls

*If you don’t have a muscle up perform 3 weighted/strict/banded pull ups.

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