Never Give Up

Marathon Training With Crossfit Wednesday 22nd January

Today’s Training

The conditioning element is continuous for 5  mins (then 7 mins muscle ups) and although it may look like an easy drill, it’s not. Now the instruction was not to kill ourselves however it still can be a tough little routine. Cruising through it at a pedestrian pace is not something I’m happy doing so I was never going to take that option however some did. I really have no time for half arsed so when I see it it’s best to ignore it.

I’m slow at Muscle Ups and Double Unders right now and still need to perfect the skill but it’s coming albeit slowly. It kind of gets under my skin a bit because I like to get stuck in and train hard. It’s just my definition of “train hard” means a raised heart rate of 180 or above. I don’t get that with Muscle Ups and Double Unders. Anyway, I’ll keep going regardless until I perfect them both.


Diligentia, what! (Let me know if you figure out what that means…..)

Here’s the workout…

Gymnastics Warm Up
8 minutes, alternating:
Kettlebell Snatches
Wall Walks


12 minute to establish a 3-Position Clean (Mid-Hang – half way down the thigh, Hang – just above the knee, Low Hang – 2″ from the floor) + Jerk.

Alternating Every 30 seconds for 5 minutes:
Max Effort Double Unders
Max Effort Kettlebell Swings
30 Muscle-Ups for time. 7 minute time cap.

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