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Marathon Training With Crossfit Mon 20th January

Today’s Training

After a long slow run on Sunday, the short sharp Crossfit routine is enjoyable. 06:30 Monday’s can be quiet and today was no different but good none the less to get up and at it before most other people. I wonder how many people make a gym visit first on their list for a Monday morning? Not Many I’d imagine, fair play to me..

My favourite, Muscle-ups! Or is it Double -Unders? I can never decide…

I’m really getting into the Snatch. It’s a very difficult thing to get right and I’m still working on it but I’m enjoying the process, increasing the 1RM at the same time. The conditioning element was tough going and I’m not sure anyone got to the burpees at the end, maybe one possibly two.

Here’s the workout…

Gymnastics Warm Up
Muscle Ups (rest 30-90 seconds)
5 x 3 Banded/Rowing/Kneeling Muscle Ups, rest 90 seconds

*Note: These do not have to be strict muscle ups


12 minutes to establish a 3-Position Snatch (Mid-Hang – half way down the thigh, Hang – just above the knee, Low Hang – 2″ from the floor).


10 minutes to complete-

4 rounds of:

15 Push Jerks 60Kg/40Kg
15 Toes to Bar
50 Double-Unders

With the remainder of the 10 minutes-


Lateral Jump Burpees (Burpee, then hop to the other side of the bar – this equals one rep.)

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