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Marathon Nutrition :: Banana & Blueberry Paleo Muffins

Banana & Bluberry Paleo Muffins

Thanks Tony Ennis for the recipe here. I varied the recipe slightly by grinding my own almonds with the skin on, which made the texture of the finished article a little coarse, and one or two other edits. Also I didn’t put enough blueberries in, and bananas could have been a bit more ripe. However, I was happy with the first attempt.

Getting eating habits refined and directed towards healthier foods is critical in weight loss or fitness program. I’m not a professional nutritionist or dietitian but I know inherently what is good for my body and so do most everyone else. It’s simply the choices we make that determine our results.

All professional dietitians and nutritionalists will attest to the benefits of eating natural simple, mostly raw, whole foods. Processed foods are bad news so the more we get into eating self made meals and treats with good quality ingredients and less we rely on the “quick fix” then better for us and our children.

Here’s the recipe…


Go organic if you can here.

1 Teaspoon baking powder
400g ground almonds (skin off)
3  Medium whole eggs
2 Over ripe bananas
40g Knob of melted butter
300g Blueberries
Grated zest of 1 lemon


Preheat your oven to 180C. If you have gas, well, you’ll need to figure out the equivalent!

Mash the bananas. Melt the butter gently on low heat. Combine the Almonds, baking powder, eggs, lemon zest, banana and butter in a big mixing bowl or food processor until well blended and smooth. Add the blueberries and mix by hand using a spatula or large spoon.

Using muffin cases put the mixture in each case in your muffin tray not going above the level of the muffin case for each one. If you have no muffin cases butter the inside of each insert in your tray and spoon in your mixture.

Bake for about 20 mins or until the tops are nicely browned. Check your muffins with a tooth pick or kebab skewer or something like that, and if it comes out dry then your done.

These are not very sweet, so if you are used to sugar, well tough titties. You’re on a detox now and sugar is not on the menu.


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