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Marathon Nutrition :: Beetroot Recovery Smoothie

Beetroot Recovery Smoothie

OK, first things first, when you mention smoothie people generally think creamy, fruity and sweet, this is not what this is. When you are out and about and you buy a smoothie from the Smoothie guy you can bet that it’s loaded with unnecessary calories and junk. The fruit is ok I’d bet but any goodness is nullified by the refined sugar loaded ice-cream or frozen yoghurt. On top of that there’s the highly refined honey that’s added.

If you want a healthy smoothie you need to make it yourself.

Now this bad boy is not for the run of the mill Joe or Jane Soap. You need to have an understanding of the benefits of eating a certain way. If you are shoving processed food and loads of sugar laden products down your neck on a daily basis this smoothie will not go down easy AT ALL!

Here’s the recipe..


200ml Organic Beetroot Juice
100ml filtered Water
1 x Large Stick Celery
1 x Half Carrot Finely Chopped
1 x Half Tomato
2 x Florets of Broccoli
1 x Handful of Spinach


You can basically put what you like into this smoothie as long as it’s fresh, preferably organic. Put the whole shooting gallery into the blender and whizz it up until it’s blended sufficiently. All veg in the smoothie can be tough to get down I’ll admit it, so I use pressed apple juice or fresh orange juice to take the edge of it. Either way the only way to drink this is the whole lot down the neck in one go.

Get it into ya!

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