100 Marathons General Information

Welcome to the EPIC 100 marathons in 100 consecutive days organised by The Laura Maguire Foundation, promoting Emotional, Psychological & Physical Health in Children.

Yes that’s 26.2 miles on an official trail marathon course for 100 days straight. Join Larry Maguire, Stevie McGeown and many other head bangers for the beginning of this amazing challenge.

There has never been and may never be an event such as this again on the island of Ireland. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be involved in a life changing event. Get on board and reserve your entry for the inaugural event and become part of history.

(Entry Numbers are very limited due to City Council restrictions. Please book early to ensure your spot)

There are 15 weekly staged and managed events, and participants will receive a goody bag and medal & t-shirt for completion of any of these 15. Each of the 15 medals will comprise a component of a unique larger medal in the shape of a map of Ireland to commemorate the significance of the marathon series.

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The entry fee for multiple event registration is slightly higher that of the combined individual events. Given the significant physical effort on the part of the participant, we believe a small fundraising effort can make up the difference.

We are encouraging entrants to raise the entry fee amongst friends, family and work colleagues.

Each participant will receive a sponsorship card via email.

The entry fee is a nominal amount and we encourage entrants to take on a little fundraising for this event. We will help you any way we can but for the most part you’ll need to get creative and resourceful in order to raise these funds.

The Laura Maguire Foundation will supply flyers and sponsorship cards for you, and also a donation website link where your supporters can contribute using credit card online.

Entrance Fees are as follows;

15 x Full Marathons €1000

15 x Half Marathon €500

15 x 10km Race €500

Single Marathon Event Entry Fee €49.00

Single Half Marathon Event Entry Fee €29.00

10km Race Entry Fee €20.00

Entire 100 Full Marathons €10,000

Half Marathon Option

There is a Half Marathon option available on each of the 15 weekly managed marathon events to be held on Saturday each week. THERE IS NO HALF MARATHON OPTION FOR MID-WEEK EVENTS. Cost is the same.

10K Run Option

We’ve added a 10K option available on each of the 15 weekly key managed marathon events to be held on Saturday each week. THERE IS NO 10K OPTION FOR MID-WEEK EVENTS

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