100 Marathons FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find some of the popular 100 marathons questions answered. Hopefully they will answer your queries. If not please use any of the contact forms and links below to send us a message.

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Can I volunteer to help on the course?

Absolutely! You can make contact here;

email: admin@lauramaguirefoundation.com

phone; 0866002692


Can I fundraise for The Laura Maguire Foundation?

Yes, you sure can and we’d really appreciate it. All those who register will receive a sponsorship card via email. If you own a business you can sponsor any of the 100 events. Contact us here for further information on corporate sponsorship; admin@lauramaguirefoundation.com


Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

All are welcome.


Are all 100 marathons on measured courses and will they count as official?

The 15 Key Managed Events held every weekend will for certain be official trail marathons but it’s possible the other 86 may not due to the sheer scale of organising every one of them. Besides, people will generally be working during the week and will not be available to run with us, so numbers may be much lower.


Can I join in and run a few miles with you at any point on the route?

Absolutely! The more people join us the easier it will be for us to complete. This is a huge ask and we need all the support we can get.


Are the events in different locations every day?

From Sunday to Friday each week we will be running the same course in the Phoenix Park Dublin. On Saturday each week we will travel to a different City or Town and stage one of our weekly managed marathon events in that location.

The only exceptions to this are marathon #2 which will be run on public roads from Phoenix Park Dublin, to Balbriggan Co. Dublin, and marathon #3 which will be run from Balbriggan Co. Dublin to Navan Co. Meath. After that we will revert back to Phoenix Park for marathon #4 on Monday 25th May.

Please note that locations for all marathons are subject to local authority approval and confirmation should be sought before date of the event.


Where is the start line for each event?

When held in the Phoenix Park, the start will be immediately inside the Hole In The Wall Gate on Blackhorse Avenue. You won’t miss it we’ll have signs up all over!

Are the marathons staged on public roads or parklands?

Both. The 15 weekly staged and managed events are to be held on closed loops. The mid-week events will be run on the same course in the Phoenix Park Dublin.


What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

Parking is available for the 15 weekly staged and managed events only. The mid-week events are strictly self sufficient and only suitable for experienced marathon runners. Parking and travel arrangements are up to participants to arrange. The Phoenix Park has plenty of area for parking.


How do I get back to my car after finishing the event?

Each of the 15 weekly staged and managed events are run on a loop, which means you’ll never be far from you transport. The event will finish very close if not at the exact same spot as the start, making it easy for participants to get home afterwards. For mid-week events are strictly self sufficient and only suitable for experienced marathon runners. Transport is up to you to arrange directly yourself.


What can/can’t I bring to the event?

You should bring your usual attire for a marathon event including food, recovery drink and change of clothes for afterwards. Water will be provided on the course at designated stations on the 15 staged managed events only. Week day events are strictly self sufficient and only suitable for experienced marathon runners. You should bring High Vis bib or vest especially IF YOU ARE RUNNING EITHER OF THE TWO POINT TO POINT MARATHONS (NO. 2 & 3 MENTIONED ABOVE)WITH US as those runs will be on public roads with some trail included.

IMPORTANT; You will receive a conformation email that we require you to sign and bring with you on the day of the event. IF YOU FORGET THIS DOCUMENT YOU CAN NOT RUN.


Do I have to run the event or can I walk?

Once you pay your fee and register for one of the 15 weekly staged and managed events, you are welcome to run, walk or crawl! but keep in mind, all of these events will be off public roadways. The 15 weekly staged and managed Events will be held on public trails and in park grounds. The mid week events are strictly self sufficient and only suitable for experienced marathon runners (not walkers). These courses are on public roads/trails and there will be no restrictions in place. Unless you have many unsupported marathons completed by walking, we would not recommend it here.


What’s the cut off time for completion of the event?

All marathons will start at 09:00 sharp with cut off time for finishing is 15:00. Please keep an eye on email for changes.


Are there toilets on the route?

Toilets will only be officially provided for the 15 weekly staged and managed events and are not likely be provided on the mid-week marathons. Mid week events are strictly self sufficient and only suitable for experienced marathon runners. The Hole In The Wall Pub are kindly assisting and supporting us in our goal and use of their facilities are included.


Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Contact here;

email: admin@lauramaguirefoundation.com

phone; 0866002692


Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

Registration is not transferrable. All funds go to The Laura Maguire Foundation.


What happens my ticket fee if I have to cancel?

The event fee is non-refundable. But you’ll be happy to know your fee will go towards helping underprivileged children and their families all over Ireland.


What happens my fee if the event/s have to be cancelled?

None of the events will be cancelled. Come hell or high water the events will take place. However, if an event does not go ahead officially we will still be running 26.2 as part of the 100. If the official course is jeopardised for any reason we will find an alternative course to stage the event.


Do I get a goodie bag?

Yes, participants in any one of the 15 weekly staged and managed events will receive a medal, t-shirt and we will have lovely jubbly goodie bags filled with cool stuff from our sponsors. All 15 medals will clip together to form a single medal map of Ireland to commemorate the event. Only those who complete the 15 weekly staged and managed events will receive a medal.


Who benefits from the money raised?

The Laura Maguire Foundation is a non secular, not-for-profit organisation providing critical services to children, young teens and their families. Through Mindfulness, Counseling, & Health Programs, we assist in bringing physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing to the lives children and their parents. Children and their families everywhere benefit from your contribution in the following ways;

- Mindfulness in Schools

The Laura Maguire Foundation directly provide Mindfulness teachings to teenagers and young children in schools. Bringing Mindfulness to young adults and children has proven to dramatically and positively effect students’ psychological, physiological, and social development. Heightened stress levels in young children often leads to depression and feelings of no way out as they approach young adulthood. Suicide is often a chosen release from acute depression in young adults and can be successfully treated early by means of Mindfulness training.

- Youth Counseling

The Laura Maguire Foundation provide much needed funding for counseling services to children of bereavement and other traumatic life experiences helping them cope and come to terms with what are often psychologically disruptive life events. Often children and their families have no means or funds to access critical services such as counseling.

- Exercise & Nutrition

A healthy mind brings forth a healthy body. A healthy body comes about from focus and attention to exercising and feeding the body high quality natural foods. The Laura Maguire Foundation, through schools, is focused on bringing education programs to children and their families because we understand that mind and body are one entity an so to treat mind without treating body, and vice-versa only brings limited results.

When you sign up for any of our 100 events you are bringing about change in the lives of children all over the nation. Weather you run, walk, cycle, crawl, or don’t get out of your armchair, when you sign up for an event you are making a difference in the lives of those in Ireland that need you most.

Please note; The conditions above may change at any time so please be sure to check here if you have a query.

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